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Tata Nano: World's Cheapest Dream Car deliver Today

Tata Nano the common man car's keys finally hand over to its first 3 owner's Ashok Raghunath Vichare a retired customs officer, Ashish Balakrishnan, an employee of HDFC Bank and S K Thirani, Kores (India) chairman here in central Mumbai's on Friday.

Tata Nano is cheapest car of the world also face so many obstacles like rising commodity prices and political opposition before. The Chairman of Tata Moters, Ratan Tata handed over the Nano key to its first customer.

Ratan Tata first spoked about this unnamed car on 2003 and launches it on 2008 at Delhi Auto Expo. Finally this car delivers on 17th July 2009. On 2008, Tata Moters Chairman Ratan Tatas had announced that Nano would be manufactured at Singur plant in West Bengal. But due to some political dispute Ratan Tata announced that he would be pulling the Plant out of West Bengal on September 2008. Now this plant relocated at Sanand in Gujarat.

At present Tata Nano is manufacturing at Pantnagar in Udhamsingh nagar at Uttaranchal. Pantanagar plant has 50,000 unit capacity annually.

Right now Tata Nano has 3 models: the basic model and more expensive standard CX and deluxe LX model. The cost of standard model is 140,000 rupees including tax in the showroom and deluxe models cost up to 185,000 rupees.

Tata Motors intends to deliver the first one lakh cars by March 2010 with the help of its manufacturing Plant at Pantnagar , Uttaranchal. The Nano has a 623-cc rear-engine car and a fuel economy of over 23 km per litre, has cost over Rs 2,000 crore to build.

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