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Uttarakhand Denies Funding for Air Connectivity

A model grant to increase air connectivity in Uttarakhand has been rejected by the Uttaranchal state government.

Instead, the government explore new options to increase air connectivity in the hill state which is in poor condition."Our previous experiments show that the subsidy is not the answer to increase air connectivity. We have rejected this model,"said Commissioner Alok Jain infrastructure development after a high- level today. The provincial government has made a strong contribution to Jagson Airlines before, but the arrangement did not work long.

The subsidy model has been developed by Uttarakhand Infrastructure Company (IUPAC) Limited, a joint venture between the state government and IL & FS.

Currently, Dehra Dun, the only city in the state is served by regular flights on Air India and Kingfisher Airlines. But there is no link to the Kumaon region in particular to the industrial hub of Pantnagar, where people face the difficulty of doing so. Industrialists and other businessmen usually come with roads in the state to lose its precious time commuting. Gaucher slopes and in the Garhwal region Chanayalisaur is not running.

Meanwhile, after a hiatus of nearly three years, the airport Pantnagar finally have air connectivity. Vijay Mallya™ s Kingfisher plans to launch a daily flight from Pantnagar airport in the Kumaon region.

According to the program expansion, the runway at Pant Nagar, an industrial center for world-class companies such as Nestle, Bajaj and Tata Motors Auoto, expanded by Airport Authority of India (AAI) to 4,500 meters long and 150 feet wide . The AAI has completed the upgrades at an estimated cost of'75 crore.

Significantly, Pantnagar recently developed because the launch of the Nano, which is manufactured by Tata Motors plant there.

As the process of industrialization accelerate Pantnagar, the demand for regular flights from Delhi to Pantnagar increased recently.

Before the expansion program, Jagson airlines operating their services to Pantnagar, with the help of government subsidies. But after the first expansion phase, the government has not extended its subsidy Jagson company.

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