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Bageshwar Temples Tour

There are so many temple in Bageshwar to visit. The temple of Baghnath(Lord Shiva) in Bageshwar, situated here is venerated by one and all. Devotees gather here on “Shivratri Fair” to worship the Lord, who is also known as the remover of sorrows.

Some well known temples in Bageshwar are:

Baghnath Temple: at the junction of river Gomti and Saryu stands a large temple with its conical towers. It is the shrine of “Bageshwar” or “Vyagreshwar”, the Tiger Lord, an epithet of Lord Shiva. Temple was erected by the Kumaun king “Laxmi Chand”, about 1450 AD. The temple complex has a cluster of temples, prominent among them are Bhairav Temple, Dattatray Maharaj, Ganga Mai Temple, Hanuman Temple, Durga Temple, Kalki Temple, Thingal Bhairav Temple, Pancham Junakhara and the Vaneshwara temple.

Chandika Temple: Dedicated to Goddess “Chandika”, the temple stands at a distance of about half a Kilometer from Bageshwar. Every year thousands of devotees congregate here to offer obeisance to the deity, during the Navaratras.

Gauri Udiyar: Situated 8 kms from bageshwar isa s large cave, measuring 20X95 sq. mts. Housing the idols of Lord Shiva.

Shikhar Temple: Named after the God Mool Narayan, Shikhar Temple is located at the Shikhar Mountain. It can be reached by an 18 kms motorable road from Kapkot to Sopra followed by 5 kms. Bridle trek.

Other Temples in Bageshwar:

  • Agnikund Temple
  • Nileshwar Mahadav Temple
  • Shitala Devi Temple
  • Trijugi Narayan Temple
  • Bhadrakali Temple
  • Gopeshwar Dham
  • Jwala Devi Temple
  • Veni Mahadav Temple
  • Pratikshwar Mahadav Temple

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