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Uttaranchal Business and Economy

Past few years has seen the state of Uttarakhand emerging as one of the most attractive industrial destinations in India. Having tremendous growth potential, Uttarakhand Business and Industries sector is thriving across the state.

The Uttaranchal Industries sector mainly consists of Sugar Mills, Cloth Mills, Paper Mills, Flour and Rice Mills, Pharmaceuticals, and Stone Rolling Mills etc. The Agricultural Sector, on the other hand, consists of Dairy farms, Rice and Wheat Production, Fish Farming, Poultry Farming, Floriculture, Horticulture, and Pickle and Sauce Industries, which are flourishing in the state. But, by and large, the Tourism Industry remains as one of the major industries of the state and generates most revenue for the Uttaranchal Business and Economy.

Hotel Industry, Travel Agencies, and all hospitality related business are other subsidiaries of the tourism industry are also growing as potential Uttaranchal Industries. Besides, Handicrafts, handlooms, wool based industry, khadi and village industry, waxed based industry are other traditional industries spread across the state.

The efforts shown by the state government further supports the Uttaranchal Business and Industries to prosper in the state. Amongst the several other government initiatives, the establishment of Information Technology Park in Dehradun and the setting up of Integrated Industrial Estates in Pantnagar and Haridwar can also be counted.

The state government also ensures the adequate supply of power in the state. In the recent times, the government has set to develop several small and medium size hydro power sites in the private sector or in public-private partnership. All this has been done to ensure proper supply of power to the Uttarakhand Business and Industries and to attract new businesses to the state.

Moreover, the state government is also assisting to establish a number of small and medium size agro parks, food parks etc., to aid the agriculture and food processing industry to provide common infrastructure facilities for storage, processing, grading and marketing. This is done under the Rural Business Hub Initiative to assist the small and medium enterprises in the rural areas and to boast the Uttaranchal Business and Economy.

All these and much more efforts from the government are encouraging several big players to come and invest in Uttaranchal Industries to take Uttaranchal Business and Economy sector to greater heights.

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