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Uttaranchal Adventure Tours

If you are an adventure lover you would love to visit the state of Uttaranchal, which offer different exciting Uttaranchal adventure tours throughout the year. Uttaranchal stands tall as one amongst the many beautiful and spectacular places in India.

Located in the hilly terrains of Himalayan Mountains, Uttarakhand is the hub of various adventure activities in India and one of the favorite destinations of tourists coming to India.

The state of Uttaranchal is blessed by nature. The rugged landscapes, mountains, dense forests, rivers etc., offers great opportunity for the adventure seekers to enjoy in this state. Skiing on the snow-clad mountains, trekking in the forests, mountain climbing and river rafting are a few adventure activities amongst others that are included in the Adventure Tours in Uttaranchal that you can enjoy here. Besides, trip to the wildlife sanctuary and the national parks of Uttaranchal are other activities that can be enjoyed here.

Done under strict supervision of trained instructors, River Rafting is one of the most breathtaking activities that one must try in Uttaranchal. The intersection of various rivers in Uttaranchal makes it a hot spot for river rafting in India. An adventure tour in Uttaranchal is incomplete without white water river rafting.

After river rafting, skiing is the next adventure activity offered in the state. These days, skiing is becoming a very popular sport in India. Uttaranchal has many good places for Skiing. Uttaranchal Adventure Tours offers you to enjoy skiing during winter months from December to March. Alui, Dayara Bugyal, Mundali and Munsyari are some of the places for skiing in the state.

Besides these, Dehradun, the capital of Uttaranchal, offers Aero sports facility in its aero sports club, which is another attraction of Adventure Tours in Uttaranchal. The club offers equipments for parasailing and paragliding and also trains the beginners by certified trainers and instructors.

River Crossing, River Campaing, Rock Climbing, and Trekking are also popular activities included in Uttaranchal Adventure Tours that give immense pleasure to the adventure freaks. March to September is the best season for rock climbing in the Himalayas in Uttaranchal.

Whereas, for river campaing, the most suitable months are September-November and March-April, and the best season for trekking is April and June and September to November.

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